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A Case for Shifting Religions

Rekha signs the registry – –Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image) Sometimes one sees both a goal in the distance, AND the work needed to get there and still says, “Yup let’s do it.” Even when one has the sneaky suspicion that daunting obstacles may come out of the woodwork. So it was the case for Molly’s cousin Rekha. You see, she meets this man, and somewhere along the way, man oh man, she decides that he’s THE man. But there was a catch – his family was… Read More

The family looks appropriately serious for this joyous occasion – – Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image)

Outsourcing Your Own Legacy

Dusk falls upon the angels – –Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image)If you wanted to leave behind a monument or some such structure for posterity, how much of your own hard earned money would you be willing to part with? How about 1 lakh, that is 100,000 Rupees, or about $2,500 U.S. dollars. Perhaps less than you expected? You may first ask well what sort of “leave behind” are we talking about, and that would be a smart thing to ask.I was taken by Mamachen Uncle to a… Read More