Friends That Won’t Play

Of the two boys, Sidd has a greater attraction to such furry friends as cats and dogs. Back in our neighborhood in Belmont, the Russian family next door had a cat that used to sun bathe in our driveway, much to Sidd’s delight. Unfortunately, when our sociable toddler would come out to pet the feline friend, the cat would stay a healthy 2 or 3 feet away. Perhaps Sidd played a bit rough in all the excitement. Perhaps this was not one of those gregarious cats. In any event, what entailed was a steady saunter for Sidd across our yard, in slow pursuit of the cat, but to no avail. Finally, it would dash off across the road to find a less interrupted location, leaving our younger one crest fallen. Petting the cat would have to wait another day.

Hoping against hope…
– -Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image)

Stood up by the cat, and heading home…
– -Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image)

That cat, sheesh…
– -Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2005 (click for larger image)

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  1. Unknown March 29, 2008 at 3:48 am

    There are days I’ve felt how Sidd looks in this picture …


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