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Going to America

Going to America- – Malayalam Manorama, Copyright 1966 (click for larger image) Knowing the implications of our very next endeavor can be impossible to know. Which, often, is for the better. Back in 1962, when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me, the University of Edinburgh extended a slot to my dad for their surgical training program. Dad was thrilled to secure a competitive admission to one of the great institutions of the UK. A great adventure began. Deeper into the world of medicine. Far away to a new… Read More


So for the last 6 or so months I have been taking a shot at meditating each morning for around 20 minutes. After some exploration and reading, I have settled on repeating 3 passages, generally repeating the shortest one more than the longest one. To be clear, these are prayers, and for those who are truly atheistic in their outlook, this blog entry will probably be a waste of time. Two chants are homegrown and the last is a classic Catholic Prayer. The homegrown entries: I pray I am with… Read More

Full Flight – Basketball

One revelation to me is that at pretty much any age, we can show athleticism at remarkable levels. In watching Paul and his peers play basketball (and similarly soccer) I see bursts of intensity that are eye-popping in a manner not much different from what is demonstrated by a pro. Here is an example, a fast break (there are only fast breaks in toddler basketball). The rush of bodies down the court, in pursuit or in exhilarated observation of the ball handler was just pure joy for us spectators. Breakaway… Read More

Mementos from Susie Annie

Here we see the traces of a few doodling sessions that Paul, Sidd and Susie Annie had. It includes favorites of each party: Honey the bunny; bullet trains; balloons; more bunnies; and more bullet trains. Standing by the Siddo/Paul/SusieAnnie Masterpiece – – Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2008 (click for larger image)