Another Reduction of Services

One observation I made a long time ago is the ingenious design of sippy cups. Here is a vessel that lets you drink lying down. So you can luxuriate with that warm cup of milk, ideally delivered not just to your bed, but to your mouth, without emerging from your equally toasty array of blankets (that are slathered with your favorite story characters, vehicles and other points of inspiration). So you can drink without leaving your cocoon.

Then you turn some age that your parents have arbitrarily pegged as “too old” for that toddler stuff and foolishly, you agree. Gradually, you are weaned to head all the way to the kitchen for your morning drink. The whole seductive appeal of your former habit is insidiously diminished. Just one more way that we leave the ridiculously stunning service levels of our infancy (they feed you, bathe you, wipe your butt at the drop of a hat or for the tiniest wimper) for the self-serviced ways of our adulthood. Ah what to do…

Morning Milks, In the Cocoon, and Out – –
Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2008 (click for larger image)

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