Date Archives July 2008

The Unending Bouquet of Summer

Another summer is racing by, no different from life itself really and we are already falling out of July. How could this be so? One of the hallmarks of our house are the roses planted by a previous owner. When we bought the place, none were blooming as the renters at that time had taken no notice of this array of beauties right under their noses. (Again, no different from things in general, eh?)But now, each summer these roses and a symphony of other bloomers come out in a fierce… Read More

Uncaged Ideas

Sometimes the only way one realizes you’ve been “seeing the same old thing” is when you finally bump into a completely different, even outlandish, solution to the same problem. The City Museum in St. Louis, MO does this when it comes to children’s museums ( The hum drum children’s museum solution has the same building blocks: train section; water works; kitchen; some manner of playground. The City Museum breaks so many rules! For example: Don’t obsess if what you create will nick / bruise the participant. Many of the exhibits… Read More

Flouting Time

“How old would you be if you did not know your age?” That is the introspective question I have asked countless times to people on their birthday and therefore asked myself today. The answer is meant to illuminate the personal perception of one’s youthfulness. I have found the reality is more closely tied to the actions one demonstrates. Consider Mrs. Buehler, our neighbor back in the 70’s when we lived in the Mennonite prairie town of Winkler, Manitoba. She was of consummately sturdy Russian stock, a widow in her 70’s… Read More

Free Like a Bird, Part 1

For a baby or toddler who is all too often stroller bound, what is the opposite? The best answer I can think of is swinging! It brings sunshine, wind, and exhilarating, electrifying movement (vertical, forward and backward.) No wonder kids dig it. I would too. Perhaps the 1st time I observed such stark contrasts was the summer after my freshman year of Undergrad. I had the great dumb luck to work at Touch of Nature’s Camp Olympia, a summer camp in the Shawnee Forest for special populations. It was not… Read More