Date Archives September 2008

Young Ambassadors

In life, windows open up to play specific roles, and close just as quickly; ring bearer is one of those examples. The boys were invited to be part of the wedding party for one of Molly’s cousins, Tara, and one of mine, Anita. DC in August, Chicago in September. And so for an ephemeral moment – – a mere slice of a weekend – – Paul and Sidd were awash in the limelight, showered with the sort of attention created by the intersection of toddler cuteness, and a tuxedo’s dapper… Read More

Another Remarkable Reunion

BIG family get-togethers are generally due to events that are very auspicious, or very sad. Here was yet another blessed example of a wonderful occasion – Anita’s wedding, attended by a whopping 600 people! And contrary to my own fears, the entire event was just fabulous – – no outbursts from people who had underestimated their ability to juggle drinks and emotions. Below are three of 1,200 shotsMylangee – Elsama Auntie and Johnny Uncle offer their best wishes…– -Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2008 (click for larger image) The moment arrives…– -Abe… Read More

Mystical Land

How often do we live in one locale and actually neglect exploring its environs, only to move far, far away and years later, pay the price of time and money to journey to the SAME ORIGINAL place as an outsider, to finally make that day trip? What an odd behavior, no?Here is a set of images of “Rattlesnake Ledge,” stitched together, that is a mere 20 minutes drive, 2 miles walk, and 1,100 feet in elevation from our house. Just magical. Probably even more dreamy in the rain, mist and… Read More

Back to the Woods

It is nice how friends and family who nudge one to try things otherwise avoided. As a result, we have gone camping as a family 3 times, largely due to people who have convincing answers to the nicely stated objections. For example: “We don’t have a tent.” That’s okay, Reuben has an extra one.“We don’t know what is a good camp site.” I know some great ones. And I havebooked you with the rest of us already.“We are not big into hiking, etc.” But you love a good cup of… Read More