Stopping Time

Around the time I turned 15, I came to notice things I truly enjoyed, carefully measure how much had transpired, and for better or for worse, assess how much was “remaining.”

The halfway mark was a wistful moment. All the more reason to be in the moment, burn the candle at both ends. If only I could stop things completely for just a while. Do we really need to go home now?

…only 12 more days left in this trip… Only 5 1/2 weeks left in summer vacation… Man, it is Sunday morning already – just one day left in this weekend… I recall measuring everyday of the 20 I joyously lollygagged in Koh Samui back in 1989, and the wistful sense as I neared the last day…

Funny how when you are young, time is abundant but awareness of this resource is lacking. As you get older, the awareness becomes acute, but the supply dwindles, eh?

I think that is why the movie Cinema Paradisio struck such a personal cord. When Salvatore watches the reel of outtakes, it recalls the insouciant, playful ways of his unencumbered childhood.

Dear Lord, do I act as if I am beyond the “halfway mark” and take advantage of the time, talents and treasure at my fingertips?

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