Roadtrip Veterans

For anyone who has been on a bonafide roadtrip, you know that the real secret is how you discover your fellow travelers in ways you had never imagined nor expected. The journey is truly the destination, in good and bad ways. We were in Florida back in May for my cousin Ninon’s wedding, and had the chance to head out to various venues. Here are shots on the return leg after visiting Cape Canaveral (worth the visit, btw).

We had never put Paul and Sidd in the very back until now but it was a master stroke. They had a hoot, and the howling, hammering and yelling was slightly more dissipated by having them at the very other end of the vehicle, and Molly, my mom and dad, and myself together. Luckily they are two good friends so the trip had not notable bad outcomes.

Spin, Bonk and Laugh
Abe Pachikara, Copyright 2009 (click for larger image)
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