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Reinventing Haloween

Sidd was 14 months on his 1st halloween. He had rarely had candy and really had no clue what the evening’s festivities were about. Paul at 3 was not much more clear on it. But they were a bit excited about getting out, and even at that age noticed the kids walking around in the evening with big smiles and bags or buckets with things in it. At the 1st house we visited, Molly and I urged Sidd to extend a little bag we gave him. He looked very puzzled… Read More

Important Travel Gear

Always interesting is what a child considers important to take on a trip, without guidance from an adult. For a long overdue visit back in March to his Uncle Geoji in Austin, here was the contents of Paul’s carry-on (he was, in his own words, “almost 7 years old” at the time): Teddy, his confidant, don’t leave home without him Light saber, never know when it will come in handy Journal, to capture “mental pictures” as his teacher Mrs. H has asked for on many occasions Pencil / coloring pack,… Read More

6 More Days to My Birthday

The CarTalk guys once mentioned a simple insight – when you are young you round up your age and look forward to the birthdays. “I am 4 and a half.” Later in life, your approximate at best. “I am feeling great,” may be the closest to a number that is mentioned. Sidd has been tracking his upcoming birthday the way that NORAD would track an ICBM coming in from Siberia. At his request, I created a simple chart in Excel about 100 days ago and routinely I hear him refer… Read More

Volume vs. Value of Time

Ah when you’re young you have more time that you know what to do with, you just don’t track your precious wealth that closely, like a billionaire with 47 estates across 6 continents. Hey, there’s more where it came from, right? But…as you get older? Well, your awareness, appreciation, and value of those minutes and hours rises astronomically but your supply of it (usually) diminishes dramatically. There was a time you traded in weeks and months, and now your currency is hours and afternoons for the most part. So is… Read More

The Value of a Free Gesture

“This is the BEST airplane, dad!” That was Paul’s thundering proclamation as we left the cockpit of Delta 1059, preparing to depart for Seattle. As we had boarded, I realized the last time I had seen a cockpit was pre-9/11 – – it was a 747-400 Lufthansa back in early 1997, when Molly and I were returning from India. So I asked the flight attendant at the doorway. “Sure but you should do it now. Just stand over here and have them go to the cockpit.” Molly watched the bags,… Read More

Your Best Work is in Front of You

"Dad can you take a photo of my new truck?" Once that request comes in, I usually have 1 calendar day to document the concoction. Any longer? One of the two will say, "You missed it, dad. I broke it and I am making a plane" or some other creation. I am always shocked at how they don’t hang on to any new contraption for more than a couple of days. Even the ones they REALLY love. The urge to re-use the parts for something in their head is just… Read More

Where’s the Waterbed

There is something unnerving yet spell-binding about the non-complacency of people when they are drunk, particularly in a group. Back in my East Lansing days, Mikey, Jim and I would occasionally sojourn up to the Windy City and stay at Grady’s palatial 3rd floor flat (we are talking 3,000 square feet, 4 BR, 4 bathrooms in an indestructible grand building). On one of those trips, we joined a Christmas party I remember well. Two guys at the party who were proud of their wrestling pedigree (and a bit drunk) got… Read More