Date Archives July 2011

There Are No Illegitimate Children

My sister Cindy was chatting with my dad about the singer Nora Jones and explaining her lineage.  She mentioned that Nora is the illegitimate child of famed musician Ravi Shankar, and dad became very agitated.  He clarified that in his view, this is in reality a misplaced term.  “Cindy, there is no such thing as an illegitimate child.  There are only illegitimate parents.”  Touché.

The Unnerving Speed of Life

I am simply stupefied at the sheer velocity of our existence. Yesterday, I was 6. Today I am 46. Tomorrow I will be 73. Just like that. I watch in awe as a freight train thunders by me, yet in reality I am on that train, looking out the window as the countryside of my life, experiences, and relationships zips by. It’s akin to the whisper-quiet experience riding on the Shinkansen or TGV  – fast, noiseless, and less experiential than you want, unless you make an effort on your own… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 9

It is nearly a decade since the “project” we now call Paul was started. 🙂 And now I am belatedly writing about how he has powered, even thundered, his way thru his 9th year in his own quiet way. (Unrelated is the fact that 9 years has passed – how fleeting time is ! ) Gone is the cute, rather round, pudgy-pie he was as a toddler, replaced by a completely new geometry: he’s now svelte, with muscles on muscles. What remains the same is the exploratory, abstract approach that… Read More