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Partners in the Journey

Here’s an engaging set of gentlemen:  a grandfather and his two grandsons. Dressed up for a snappy event and ready to make their way thru the evening’s crowd of party goers.  The younger two have the optimism, energy and unfettered whimsy of youth.  The older one carries the wisdom, appreciation and peacefulness of years of great work helping thousands of patients, staying involved with immediate and extended family, and applying nuanced lessons from many journeys.  (Perhaps due to my outsized interest in Mafia stories like The Godfather and The Sopranos,… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 9

9. Yes, he is now 9. And, yes, he still tracks his birthday’s like NORAD monitoring an ICBM coming from Siberia. Certainly, things are evolving perceptibly – I did notice he’s not as vocal about the birthday, the excitement is not as unbridled. But unchanged is the underlying anticipation, & birthday related questions that casually arise 10 weeks prior to the event. “I wonder what Susieauntie will get me…” “That would be so cool to have a party when we visit Pappa and Momma in Atlanta, and Amma and Appa… Read More