Date Archives September 2012

There’s Nothing Like Grass, Sunshine, & Whispy Clouds

How history repeats itself!  This time, in Yakima, WA where we joined friends to pick apples and taste wine. The late afternoon found us parked on a lawn and the youngsters magically took up the very tradition I suddenly recalled vividly from grade school. That is: meandering conversations while staring up at clouds trundling lazily across the sky, the cool sensation of grass underneath, the dull warmth of the sun above. What made this possible?  Manitoba-style summers – – 75 degrees Fahrenheit, low humidity, big sky, pure sunshine.  Simply change… Read More

The Long Tradition of Siblings Helping Siblings

Brothers helping brothers.  Likewise, sisters helping sisters, and siblings in general helping each other.  It happens across geographies, time and culture. Here is my dad and his younger brother, Ellisuncle, getting ready for the wedding of my cousin Aruna.  And one hotel room over is my son Paul, with the same intense focus helping his younger brother, Sidd, with his zipper tie.  (Yes, a zipper tie.  Hard to know what sort of help is needed.) Age-wise, ~60 years separates these two pairs.  Yet a blessed pattern repeats itself. Dad Helps… Read More