Chuttumbee #2 Turns 10

Sidd turns 10 today – 10 solid, unfailing years of joy.  So here are the words of a “proud pappa” – – you will need to bear with me as I am quite beside myself with elation.

He is smart, affectionate, bursting with energy, fart jokes (and farts too, to be frank,) a great fan of his own comedy, and for the most part quick to come to a decision.  He’s his brother’s best friend, and vice versa. The chap loves long, meandering and all too mumbled a conversation, not just with his peers, but with his grandparents, aunts / uncles and cousins. And because of the good guidance of his older bro, he has become a voracious reader.

His over-confidence may get him into trouble (as example this past spring, when as a 3rd grader he played soccer with 6th graders at some personal risk to himself) but it also will mean he will try new things. His current schtick when asked a question is to start his response, "Here is my answer with no hesitation…"  So far, he doesn’t tie his outcomes so tightly to himself that it makes him gun-shy on the next round: when an endeavor or effort fails, he usually shrugs it off with a laugh, "well, I guess that was not very good."

Like Paul, he has embraced snooty foods but is more of a carnivore: as you see here he is sitting happily with cheeses, especially smoked gouda (his preferred temptation after my dad introduced it to him), hot Capicola, and a brick of Callibaut French milk chocolate.  Nice choices, Sidd!

US-2013-Redmond-SiddTurns10-130831-0008-1200px US-2013-Redmond-SiddTurns10-130831-0010-1200px
Happy as a Clam, at Big John’s PFI in Seattle…;  Back at Home with friends, Chocolate, Gouda and Capicola, © 2013, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images)

How lucky I am today – I have not one but two children blessed many times over with more goodness that I could ever expect.

SIdd @ 10, © 2013, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images)

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