Hey, I Can Play This Game

Halloween 2004: Sidd’s first,  just 1 year and 2 months old; Paul’s second.  I had the idea of dressing Sidd as an athlete at the Beijing Olympics.   Molly got an outfit from Chinatown in Boston and I made a sash akin to that worn at the opening ceremonies.

We were greeted at the first house by a lady in her 60s.  She melted into teary eyed smiles, overwhelmed by the deafening cuteness of the two baby boys.  After tossing a couple of candies into Paul’s outstretched bag, she paused for Sidd, but he simply looked up at her and smiled.

I nudged him so that his tiny arms held out his tiny bag.  The lady tossed in a couple of candies.  Puzzled, Sidd peered down into the bag, back at her, and back to the bag.  Then those furrowed eyebrows cleared up, and with a big smile he reached down, grabbed the candy and tossed it back on to her tray.  A tiny, mischievous laugh erupted.  His face beamed, "hey, I can play this game, lady!"

She looked at me, thunderstruck.  "Never in 36 years, NEVER, has a child given back candy to me.  Most don’t even say thank you.  You have one amazingly generous little one!"  Sidd was still squealing with laughter, and just staring at her.

I tried to clarify that he had no clue how Halloween “works,” & that this may change in the coming years (believe me, it has).  But to no avail: she would not buy any of it.

We only went to a few more homes as the Boston night air was a bit cold yet the same ritual played itself out.   Sidd was having so much fun he would try to trot ahead when we arrived at a new house.  A little boy’s mis-interpretation translated into big-hearted generosity that left him short of candy, but having a ball and handing out an unexpected Treat on Halloween.

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Sidd, the Olympic Hopeful…;  Paul, Your Friendly Neighborhood Honey Bear, © 2004, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images) 

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