Polishing Diamonds – My Parenting Observations

Back in 2010, I explained to the boys that diamonds start as pretty unremarkable rocks, and only after an enormous amount of hard work, emerge as, well, diamonds.  The intent was to let them know that when they are pushed to do better, it is the act of polishing that’s underway.  They may not like the parenting they receive, but they should love the outcomes.

But what makes parenting so interesting is that it’s a great example of building and fixing the plane while its flying.  On many occasions I find it pretty frightening.  Few things have had my focus like it and I often think back to when things have gone well, or poorly for people I know.

And my dear friends Gary and Mithra Ballesteros gave a great reason to be mindful and active at this topic – it only gets more tricky as one’s children get older. 

With that in mind, knowing I risk coming across like I am telling someone what to do, I will my observations in guiding the boys as they have grown up.  These are more a set of routines and habits we have landed upon thru the day.

They tap what I saw from my own parents, from other families, a parenting class and in chatting with friends. 

I would love to hear your lessons too.  (I will tag these as “Polishing Diamonds.”)


Driving Like Fred Flintstone, © 2005, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images)

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