Chuttumbee #1 turns 13

Dear Paul,

It was just yesterday that you were a bounding, chubby, little boy with an oversized laugh.  Endlessly curious.  A true lover of all things round.  Tires.  Wheels. Turntables.  Lug nut holes. Pots.  And an avid fan of trains.


A Newly Minted Teenager © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

Fast forward to your 13th bday.  The toddler’s shape has morphed into much more of a young man, for sure.  An up and coming young man whom I am so deeply proud of, full of love for, and feel deeply blessed to be the father of.  The laugh remains, but the curiosity seems dampened, weighed upon, by the distraction of apps and schoolwork that right now does not inspire you.

In truth, it is a age of new exploration.  Pop culture, music, social endeavors, technology & trends, these are the new elements in your life, replacing such toddler icons as "Thomas the Tank Engine".  Things move faster.  Life’s discoveries are full of higher highs, more stresses and uncertainties.  It is more important than ever for you to know the essence that is "you," what is important, to trust your gut, clarify which of the many balls you juggle truly matter .

You are a concerned brother, an engaged son, a connected nephew / grandson / cousin.  Don’t lose sight of the talents, treasures and time blessed upon you, and the world of wonder all around you.  These will steel & galvanize you for challenges that too often seem larger than they are in reality.  An already wondrous journey simply continues.

Love, Dad…

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By the Waterfall © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

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  1. Mithra Ballesteros May 24, 2015 at 12:37 am

    Just read this out loud to the family. We loved every word of it.

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