Blessed with Another Circumnavigation of the Calendar

It is my transcendent luck to see another birthday.  The same sublime drum beat carries on: so many treasures, so much time, and  talents afforded to me.  (I do need to use them more aggressively, no doubt.)

A couple of observations from my last b-day:

  • From Instructor, Shifting to Mentor:  I did notice pretty vividly that I am shifting in my relationship with Paul and Sidd, from telling them lots of things, to spurring their thoughts on how to proceed. Then, they do more and more of what they think is right.  For me, this is hard but I love what I see happening.
  • Regaining Long Lost Vitality is Elusive:  I used to routinely run 6 miles at a 7 min pace.  So I decided this year, let’s get back on that saddle.  The bad version of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab  song floated in my head as I trudged along, “I tried to go back to the track, and my body said, no, no, no.”  Perhaps a crash course in Cross Fit?
  • Reconnecting with Old Friends, Via Skype: “What’s your Skype ID?” has been a regular question I asked in the past 12 months, and in most cases it has resulted in 1:1 video calls so enjoyable I left dismayed as to how or why on earth I wound up losing touch… and stopped talking with that personality so many, many years ago?  The 4-party Skype calls are an entirely different wooly beast of camaraderie – akin to a gusher of happiness flooding the soul.  The SAME interactions just burst to life from good hearted jamokes put into my orbit by divine providence.  The outcrops of foolishness, the whimsical demands, the trademark intonations – – none of these had ever stopped.  I simply cancelled my subscription for a few decades.  I would like to think it is something else, akin to a combination lock, where bringing us together in one point in time is what helped again surface some of these behaviors.  Yet that nagging question visits upon me once again – – “so why did you, or how did you lose touch with him or her?”

It is all goodness and I am manifestly lucky.  My whimsical journey continues, no?

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