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Chuttumbee #2 Turns 12

Today, Sidd the kid turned an enthusiastic 12.  What a terrific treat. For him, life is an expanding universe. The question ‘How was your day?’ is consistently answered by "Oh it was great!" followed by a rambling recount of the day’s events and why they were better than expected. He sees opportunity all around him… our place is littered with PostIt notes of lists, and these bring a quiet chuckle from him about how he is knocking off item after item.  Sporting His Summertime Haircut © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click… Read More

18 Travel Tips While They’re Fresh in My Head

I am back from an amazing trip with the boys – truly thought provoking, relaxing, funny, lip smacking foods, awe inspiring.   Stonehenge Tour © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image) Know your co-travelers well. Travel is a stylistically specific action. Preferences can matter – – a LOT – – like museums vs. parks, late nights vs. mornings, fancy restaurants vs. street food. Good to know up front. More important than packing, check NOW that passports are valid, and visas are secured. Few things will cause stress like discovering late… Read More

Bob Hall Pre-Empts Disaster

Here’s a story common to so many people: a personality in one’s life actively provides useful advice bringing success, or at least steers one away from a career debacle… Part One: Trig Class "Have you heard from Illinois?" It was Bob Hall’s raspy whisper during his own senior level trigonometry class. "I haven’t applied yet." "Really???" His eyebrows ruffled as they always did when he sensed trouble. "Leave now, go see Arnott, I think the deadline is real soon." "Arnott" was Pete Arnott, the school guidance counselor, excluding “guidance” and… Read More