Chuttumbee #2 Turns 12

Today, Sidd the kid turned an enthusiastic 12.  What a terrific treat.

For him, life is an expanding universe. The question ‘How was your day?’ is consistently answered by "Oh it was great!" followed by a rambling recount of the day’s events and why they were better than expected. He sees opportunity all around him… our place is littered with PostIt notes of lists, and these bring a quiet chuckle from him about how he is knocking off item after item.

US-2015-Redmond-Endof2015School-150612-0240-ToWeb Sporting His Summertime Haircut © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

    So far, a sense of urgency guides his day. When visiting family, he will remind me, "Dad, let’s only do things we cannot do at home… it’s about experiences, right?" and he trots off to find and yammer with someone with whom we are visiting.

    …But, the urgency can hold him hostage too. The weakness in this mindset is evident when he feels progress is not occurring as expected – he can shift all too quickly into a sullen, frustrated state. Someday he will be more self-aware of the connection between the situation and his disposition, and proactively navigate thru the dip.

    P1010264-ToWeb Tickled in and by London © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

      As good as "Today" was, "Tomorrow" is even more promising… "I can’t wait to go to 6th grade, I think I will be in at least 3 clubs and I signed up for the speech and debate option, that will be a lot of fun."

      Fearlessness and fear co-exist, almost whimsically. Much larger, physically aggressive soccer players can’t bend his actions in a game (is it courage, or joy to the point of recklessness?) yet a meandering housefly or mosquito brings terror to his whole psyche. “Oh no, I think this kind stings people!”

      US-2015-Redmond-SpringSoccer-150416-0092-ToWeb Defending the Goal © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

        Still a neophyte when it comes to being pranked. While he loves a good prank, he is STILL much more gullible at the receiving end of a prank. A few months ago, he phoned me. I answered,  "Kentucky Fried Chicken, can I help you?" I hadn’t even changed my voice, yet hook, line and sinker, he fell for it, to my amazement and glee. "Wait, I am trying to call my dad, how did I call you?"

        Dear Siddo the Kiddo,

        In the last year your personality has become more and more clear: you are truly generous in your ways to others, never hesitating to help out family and friends; you are more and more opinionated about the world around you – particularly the actions of our politicians; you are about taking action, using checklists, planning out your next move, urging others to prepare before an event. I love your ways of being an amazing brother, son, nephew and friend. It is an extreme blessing you are my son. Keep developing the 5 things you want to do when you grow up, this coming year is a big one – middle school!

        Love, Dad…

        P1020184-ToWeb Hanging Out With Appa © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image)

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