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Happy Holidays 2016

Hi Folks, I have heard that ocean waves come in sets of 7. Whether true or not, I think some years of our lives are certainly bigger than others. 2016 was one of them. 3 quotes have been floating around in my head in looking at the year: A Seattle area lymphoma survivor I could complain about a lot of things, that the fact I am here with the chance to complain makes me forget what I was going to complain about in the first place. Krista Tippett, Running as… Read More

Deforestation – Choosing New Weaponry

Hi Folks! My journey into the world of T-cell lymphoma enters the next leg… First off are the thank you’s for your full-court press against the invading malignancy to… My parents and sisters, Cindy and Susan, and Susan’s better half Chris, who never take a break from my battle. Sebastian, who makes time for regular Skype calls from Munich, so much so I don’t think about it as out of the ordinary. Yet the Sunday calls are just tremendous, regardless if he is loitering at his abode after a tough… Read More