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Deforestation – Radiation Is Underway

Hi Folks and a belated Happy New Year! My journey into the world of PTCL-NOS continues… First off are the thank you’s to for your full-court press against the invading malignancy… My parents and sisters, Cindy and Susan, and Susan’s better half Chris. To Dr. Mahnaz Lary for her succinct, yet nuanced and upbeat counsel all along the way – so consistent it has been something I have come to assume, frankly. To my extended family and good friends spanning from all the way back to my high school years,… Read More

A Pale Retelling of a Deeply Rich, Vibrant Life

I gave one of the eulogies at my dad’s funeral on Saturday, Jan 14, 2017. The event brought together aunts, uncles & cousins from both sides of the family, and long time friends. In preparation, I followed the advice of my wise friend Pat – – call up siblings, and ask “What’s one of two things that come to mind right now?” What an eye opening exercise that was! I would say this is a useful task to undertake well before a person passes away. You get a nuanced sense… Read More