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Happy Holidays 2017!

Hi Folks, I do hope this note finds you happy, healthy and ahead of your own gameplan. Paul, 15, Sidd, 14 and me with my eyebrows againAbraham Pachikara, Copyright 2017 (Click for larger image) As some of you know, my dad passed away this past January 1. Hence, my Mom has been on the millennia-old journey of a spouse surviving a vibrant marriage, and now traveling without her longtime partner. When Dad was in his last months, she was resilient, focused and tough as nails. I think she is tougher… Read More

Deforestation: My 2nd Quarterly Check-In

Dear Folks, It’s been a while since I sent an update – my bad. Sometimes in life, winning bears great meaning. Examples include: as an ex-con seeing your probation officer, a clean record has great implications; as a substance abuser checking in with your counselor, “no needle marks” prove the battle is being won; or as an alcoholic at your AA meeting, a dry patch is a hard earned chapter of clarity. In my case, it’s as a cancer alum meeting with my oncology team. To not have a win… Read More