The First of Most Things is Awesome

(Day 1, Las Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz, Galapagos! ) The start of anything, the very beginning, usually earns more anticipation and enjoyment than it may deserve.

I think that was the case today.

Why? Because it was our first ACTUAL excursion to an island. Now in truth, all we did was head to a very nice beach, take a short walk around and wade around in the refreshing water.

Landing on Las Bachas Beach
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image)

But, gosh, how nice that first excursion was. All the plane travel had started to pay off. Finally.

How was Las Bachas Beach? Certainly, it was very, very nice. In truth, every beach we landed on was tremendous.

The Local Denizens
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image)

We also saw our first smattering of animals, just hanging out. A very specific trademark of Galapagos actually. Flamingoes casually eating. Iguanas sleeping (a very common scene), and crabs stubbornly tolerating the surf.

We did our best to embrace this ethos, simply chilling out in the late afternoon sun.

All too quickly, our time was up on Las Bachas. But we couldn’t be sad, as our sublime state of affairs was humbling. Plus, we clambered back on the Zodiacs knowing it would not be our last excursion. So no worries, in truth.

Shipping Out
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image)

This first landing also plastered a smile across my face as I stood in the calm waters. Boy, oh boy, I should have been traveling like this from decades ago but perhaps fell into some manner of cozy rut. Many ruts actually. My hope is this trip will burn into my memory as the benchmark against which I measure my activity and endlessly course correct to the larger, better place on many important fronts.

A Serene Evening, the First of 10
Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image)

In my prayers that evening, I say thanks. And apologize that I cannot find words to fit the massive size of the gift given this day to the boys and myself.

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