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[ Belated ] Happy Holidays, 2019!

Hi Folks, As always, I do hope this note finds you happy, healthy and ahead of your own gameplan.  I hope 2020 is amazing. 😊 … I am always curious – – what were your top 3 experiences in 2019? They could have been fun or arduous – we learn and get deeper from all of the, no? I no longer say “good” or “bad” – one quote that has sunk deep into my bones is from Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking… Read More

Adventure #2, as of Dec 31

Hi Folks, Here’s an update from my musings and activity from Dec 23 – 31 on this adventure back into PTCL-NOS. Quotes I Kept in Mind Last Week: “Dear God, give me wisdom, I am very much in need of it for this moment.” “I pray I am with you in the baptism of today.” Abe, many times a day Thanks Yous To Mom, my sisters Cindy & Susan, and brother-in-law Chris for making the Holiday Week so nice. And special kudos to Chris for a real life version of… Read More