Hi, my name is Abe Pachikara.

I am thrilled that you are rummaging thru this site.

Here’s my gameplan: I will be sharing lessons and musings from journeys of the physical kind (to such corners of the world as Churchill, MN in northern Canada, the beaches of Kerala, India where I was born, and the Galapagos Islands) and experiences “at home” (such as raising two boys, and the remarkable, unplanned adventure of aggressive lymphatic cancer).

My photos and stories are my raw materials, and lessons and musings are the product.

Currently I live in the “Emerald City” – – that is, Seattle. When not parenting, writing or taking photos, I spend the precious time granted to me learning about or providing marketing strategy and services related to blockchain and AI ventures.

When I figure out the “contact me” widget, please do drop me a line if you have an idea for a collaboration related to teens, storytelling, blockchain and AI.

Cheers, Abe…

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