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Just so you never wonder what in blazes I was thinking…

A friend and fellow cancer survivor, Leslie Tsui, mentioned to me that she had “set the record straight” with her kids after she was in remission. I loved that idea and shared the following my boys back in Sep 2019.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paul and Sidd, my adventure with cancer clarified that only God knows what happens next. Therefore, I wanted to share some thoughts. NOW. 😊  1.      Forgiveness: I forgive you guys for anything you have done or will do. 2.      Luck: I am luckier than I can ever have envisioned… Read More

Jeff Shushan’s Intrepid Guidance

After a number of meetings with Jeff Shushan, a seasoned advisor on relationships in stress, Molly, myself and Jeff had agreed to prepare for a profoundly important milestone: we were going to undergo a trial separation. It was November of 2013. The suggestion of a trial had been mine, based on how companies undertake a big bet. Why put all your efforts into one place, when you can undergo a pilot, learn from it and course correct? If Apple or P&G does this for ad campaigns, why not pursue the… Read More

Polishing Diamonds – Daily Prayers

For the past 10 years, I have led our two boys in prayers at the end of their days, every Sun – Thur. Fri and Sat are a bit scattershot due to various whimsical distractions that will keep us up. The boys are now 11 and 13 and it is deeply ingrained into their bedtime routine. Celebrating Another Priceless Day © 2013, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image) When it began it was a whimsical, wild and wooly adventure – Sidd was just under two years old, and thrilled in… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 turns 13

Dear Paul, It was just yesterday that you were a bounding, chubby, little boy with an oversized laugh.  Endlessly curious.  A true lover of all things round.  Tires.  Wheels. Turntables.  Lug nut holes. Pots.  And an avid fan of trains. A Newly Minted Teenager © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image) Fast forward to your 13th bday.  The toddler’s shape has morphed into much more of a young man, for sure.  An up and coming young man whom I am so deeply proud of, full of love for, and… Read More

Amazing Journey: Please, Avoid the Kid’s Menu

I know folks who will take their children to a fine dining establishment and then turn to the page of pedestrian choices like Chicken Fingers when it comes to choosing what their kids eat.  Why? How does one go about expanding the horizons of young beings when in action you undertake such confining behavior? We have gone out of our way to establish a simple approach.  “Take one Tyrannosaurus-sized bite of the items we order.  Then really taste it, feel the texture, smell the aroma, look at the dish.  Feel… Read More

Diamonds in the Rough

It was bed time but Paul had one of those reflective questions, “Dad, why do we do so many things?” I figured I knew what Paul was referring to, but played dumb. Like what? “Well, we have to read, and play piano, and kick the soccer ball and other things. I don’t think we get enough time to relax, and you know, goof around like boys do” Once again his 8 year old introspective side had kicked in. Sidd concurred with ruffled eyebrows. I left them, got Molly’s wedding ring,… Read More

Polishing Diamonds: Never Order From the Kid’s Menu

How often have you seen the following:  You are at a capable restaurant, with a menu renowned far and wide.  But you notice the younger ones at the party next to you are eating chicken nuggets.  From the kitchen freezer! Prepared in a microwave!  Not the salmon cooked to a delectable nuance.  Nor beef from some remote grassy pasture, or mushrooms good enough for a sitting president. Funny part is that we are at our most malleable when we are young.  Yet we all too often pass on the chance… Read More

Reinventing Haloween

Sidd was 14 months on his 1st halloween. He had rarely had candy and really had no clue what the evening’s festivities were about. Paul at 3 was not much more clear on it. But they were a bit excited about getting out, and even at that age noticed the kids walking around in the evening with big smiles and bags or buckets with things in it. At the 1st house we visited, Molly and I urged Sidd to extend a little bag we gave him. He looked very puzzled… Read More