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Just so you never wonder what in blazes I was thinking…

A friend and fellow cancer survivor, Leslie Tsui, mentioned to me that she had “set the record straight” with her kids after she was in remission. I loved that idea and shared the following my boys back in Sep 2019.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paul and Sidd, my adventure with cancer clarified that only God knows what happens next. Therefore, I wanted to share some thoughts. NOW. 😊  1.      Forgiveness: I forgive you guys for anything you have done or will do. 2.      Luck: I am luckier than I can ever have envisioned… Read More

Deforestation: Epilogue, Perhaps?

Hi Folks! This is the last note (God willing) related to cancer that I will be sending. The regime of chemotherapy & radiation are complete, and the upshot: any malignant cells are “below detection.” Don’t be fooled – they are still around, probably numbering in the hundreds of millions, but within a being with ~40 trillion cells, it’s a scattered minority. Nonetheless, for myself, that’s good news on an intergalactic scale. Further, I am lucky enough to send out my own “final” note. Thank You’s The Dalai Lama once said,… Read More

Slipping Past Corny Neufeld

In 8th grade I was one of the smallest kids among my peers, yet I loved sports. I was by no means brilliant at any of them, I just loved the comradery, the tension of winning and losing, and being out there with friends. So I was in every sport offered to us. With one exception: ice hockey. As the son of a surgeon, it was simply not an option. Too many of my friends had visited my dad in the emergency room with broken bones, teeth and lacerations. Missing… Read More

Deforestation: “Life is Epic” Exercise

Last May, when I learned I had a malevolent disease, one frightening thought kept floating back into my head: “gosh, this thing may kill me.” But after a while, my fearful reaction surprised me. Of course, we all die. So what exactly made this news different? It was my assumption I would live long – to a 120 years specifically. One fact, one assumption and one aspiration had created more than an assumption, it had morphed into an unstated, firmly held belief. Fact: I was 40 when Paul was born…. Read More

Deforestation: Radiation Does its Damage

Hi Folks! I do hope this note finds you in a good place. My PTCL-NOS journey has come to a notable place – the end of radiation. I am deeply, deeply blessed to be ending a round of cancer treatment alive and writing about it, no? What’s left is recovery from the collateral damage, and smiling into the sunlight at the end of this tunnel. Let’s start with the all-important Thank Yous First off, to my mom who is out here for the radiation phase and a terrific companion in… Read More

Deforestation – Radiation Is Underway

Hi Folks and a belated Happy New Year! My journey into the world of PTCL-NOS continues… First off are the thank you’s to for your full-court press against the invading malignancy… My parents and sisters, Cindy and Susan, and Susan’s better half Chris. To Dr. Mahnaz Lary for her succinct, yet nuanced and upbeat counsel all along the way – so consistent it has been something I have come to assume, frankly. To my extended family and good friends spanning from all the way back to my high school years,… Read More

Happy Holidays 2016

Hi Folks, I have heard that ocean waves come in sets of 7. Whether true or not, I think some years of our lives are certainly bigger than others. 2016 was one of them. 3 quotes have been floating around in my head in looking at the year: A Seattle area lymphoma survivor I could complain about a lot of things, that the fact I am here with the chance to complain makes me forget what I was going to complain about in the first place. Krista Tippett, Running as… Read More

Deforestation – Choosing New Weaponry

Hi Folks! My journey into the world of T-cell lymphoma enters the next leg… First off are the thank you’s for your full-court press against the invading malignancy to… My parents and sisters, Cindy and Susan, and Susan’s better half Chris, who never take a break from my battle. Sebastian, who makes time for regular Skype calls from Munich, so much so I don’t think about it as out of the ordinary. Yet the Sunday calls are just tremendous, regardless if he is loitering at his abode after a tough… Read More

Deforestation #6 is Here, Finally!

Hi Folks, Here’s another check-in about my "Unintended Journey." Today, Thursday 10/13, is the 6th and possibly final full blown infusion of chemo (C.H.O.P.) and trial drug. Thank you’s are the important place to start… To Mercy Auntie and Ellis Uncle (he is my dad’s younger brother, #8 of 14 kids) for coming all the way from Cleveland armed with food special made by Mercy Auntie, to enjoy a couple of weeks of banter, local exploration, fragrant meals and general goodness. A week after their departure, in came Tessy Auntie… Read More

Deforestation #5 is Happening Now!

Hi Folks, Here’s another check-in about my "Unintended Journey." Today, Thursday 9/22, is the 5th full blown infusion of chemo (C.H.O.P.) and trial drug. Thank you’s are the important place to start… (it’s easy to assume the good things in life, no?) To my sister Susan, who created an array of healing-oriented, delicious masterpieces, like homemade beef bone broth used as the base of soups and other dishes. To my mom and dad who are back home but engaged every day without fail into what is going on, and choosing… Read More