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Guayaquil, Ecuador

(Day 0, Guayaquil) Leaving Veena and family was made easier due to the anticipation of what lay ahead: a nonstop to Ecuador. We are one step closer. The American Airlines flight was fine from an aeronautical sense. The amenities left something to be desired: specifically the supposed in-flight dinner. Remember this is an international flight and yet, it was a cold sandwich, which I hoped was made in the last 24 hours. It’s less that I mind as much as I don’t know if these once great businesses have lost… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 15

My Dearest Pablo, 15 years ago yesterday the earth trembled as God sent one of his emissaries down to Earth. That would be you. Happy B’Day. The time has hurtled by and each year as we come upon your B’Day I am always deeply moved by how much, in one mere year, you change and your situation changes. Overall I get the sense high school has been a good thing for you, and that people (for example from the XC and robotics teams) enjoy and look forward to your presence… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 turns 13

Dear Paul, It was just yesterday that you were a bounding, chubby, little boy with an oversized laugh.  Endlessly curious.  A true lover of all things round.  Tires.  Wheels. Turntables.  Lug nut holes. Pots.  And an avid fan of trains. A Newly Minted Teenager © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger image) Fast forward to your 13th bday.  The toddler’s shape has morphed into much more of a young man, for sure.  An up and coming young man whom I am so deeply proud of, full of love for, and… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 turns 12

Well an entire dozen years has flown by for Paul.  12 years?  Is it possible the infant I held just yesterday is now wearing shoes just 2 sizes less than mine?  The only thing more surreal is the consummate gift of getting to be his dad.  Paul @ 12, © 2014, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images) Some observations: I see glimpses of a much older person in him at times – like in this look above, and perhaps it is his words that imbue that interpretation.  "I am going… Read More

Hey, I Can Play This Game

Halloween 2004: Sidd’s first,  just 1 year and 2 months old; Paul’s second.  I had the idea of dressing Sidd as an athlete at the Beijing Olympics.   Molly got an outfit from Chinatown in Boston and I made a sash akin to that worn at the opening ceremonies. We were greeted at the first house by a lady in her 60s.  She melted into teary eyed smiles, overwhelmed by the deafening cuteness of the two baby boys.  After tossing a couple of candies into Paul’s outstretched bag, she paused for… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 11

Eleven blustery years ago, Paul Sebastian Allessandro Pachikara came barreling into this grand world, bristling with ideas, observations, a hearty laugh and a big heart. I am so very proud of how he is growing up, but a bit wistful at the speed of time. He is pure muscle and sinew still – when he raises his arms up, his entire back comes alive with ripples.  He can run 20 mins after school, walk 1/2 mile home and then go for a solid hour of soccer practice on a high… Read More

Partners in the Journey

Here’s an engaging set of gentlemen:  a grandfather and his two grandsons. Dressed up for a snappy event and ready to make their way thru the evening’s crowd of party goers.  The younger two have the optimism, energy and unfettered whimsy of youth.  The older one carries the wisdom, appreciation and peacefulness of years of great work helping thousands of patients, staying involved with immediate and extended family, and applying nuanced lessons from many journeys.  (Perhaps due to my outsized interest in Mafia stories like The Godfather and The Sopranos,… Read More

Lego Party = Magically Focused 10 Year Olds

To celebrate Paul’s 10th birthday, we had a “Lego expert” come over and throw a Lego party.  6,000 bricks.  90 minutes of continuous instruction.  Drills on the names of specific pieces.  These boys were in the presence of one of their modern day shaman working the true magic of Lego as they had never seen before. Outcome:  mesmerized, silent attention.  No fart jokes.  No crazed rampaging, wrestling, throwing, jumping.  Not even a desire for Nintendo, Playstation, etc.  Just hard core questions about why this piece and not that.  Rapid iterating… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 10

I am again humbled at the speed of time.  Here we are at Paul’s 10th birthday.  Just “yesterday” he was just a rolly, polly little tike hyperventilating as he considered the thrill of trying to walk 3 feet.  So much has changed.  He is far more athletic than say at age 6.  Physically, he is still sinewy as last year; and mentally, he is an abstract thinking lad. More importantly, he is pretty much fearless.  He will try new things, stand up to an opponent in soccer or basketball games,… Read More

Chuttumbee #1 Turns 9

It is nearly a decade since the “project” we now call Paul was started. 🙂 And now I am belatedly writing about how he has powered, even thundered, his way thru his 9th year in his own quiet way. (Unrelated is the fact that 9 years has passed – how fleeting time is ! ) Gone is the cute, rather round, pudgy-pie he was as a toddler, replaced by a completely new geometry: he’s now svelte, with muscles on muscles. What remains the same is the exploratory, abstract approach that… Read More