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Guayaquil, Ecuador

(Day 0, Guayaquil) Leaving Veena and family was made easier due to the anticipation of what lay ahead: a nonstop to Ecuador. We are one step closer. The American Airlines flight was fine from an aeronautical sense. The amenities left something to be desired: specifically the supposed in-flight dinner. Remember this is an international flight and yet, it was a cold sandwich, which I hoped was made in the last 24 hours. It’s less that I mind as much as I don’t know if these once great businesses have lost… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 12

Today, Sidd the kid turned an enthusiastic 12.  What a terrific treat. For him, life is an expanding universe. The question ‘How was your day?’ is consistently answered by "Oh it was great!" followed by a rambling recount of the day’s events and why they were better than expected. He sees opportunity all around him… our place is littered with PostIt notes of lists, and these bring a quiet chuckle from him about how he is knocking off item after item.  Sporting His Summertime Haircut © 2015, Abe Pachikara (Click… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 11

Okay this is a VERY belated post and perhaps it is indicative of how time is so precious at the “start” and the “end” yet risks being commoditized in the middle by albeit pesky, urgent, trivial distractions. Sidd @ 11 in his new fangled glasses, © 2014, Abe Pachikara (Click for larger images) Sidd, my precious 2nd son, turned 11.  A couple of things to share are as follows: He still has a deep enjoyment in sports – he continues to dislike watching from the sidelines or frankly in a… Read More

Hey, I Can Play This Game

Halloween 2004: Sidd’s first,  just 1 year and 2 months old; Paul’s second.  I had the idea of dressing Sidd as an athlete at the Beijing Olympics.   Molly got an outfit from Chinatown in Boston and I made a sash akin to that worn at the opening ceremonies. We were greeted at the first house by a lady in her 60s.  She melted into teary eyed smiles, overwhelmed by the deafening cuteness of the two baby boys.  After tossing a couple of candies into Paul’s outstretched bag, she paused for… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 10

Sidd turns 10 today – 10 solid, unfailing years of joy.  So here are the words of a “proud pappa” – – you will need to bear with me as I am quite beside myself with elation. He is smart, affectionate, bursting with energy, fart jokes (and farts too, to be frank,) a great fan of his own comedy, and for the most part quick to come to a decision.  He’s his brother’s best friend, and vice versa. The chap loves long, meandering and all too mumbled a conversation, not… Read More

In the Land of Magic and Logic

In the toddler era, magic exists and is real, plain and simple. For example, the anticipation of a visit by the Tooth Fairy for a newly fallen tooth. First she is a mystical being, magically swapping a precious tooth for a well earned buck. A "few teeth later", she is someone from whom a service is expected. Then it transitions to a re-assuring tradition but not one that meets increasing expectations. And then, logic and knowledge crowd their way into one’s conscience. Concepts like "permanent teeth," and how they naturally… Read More

Partners in the Journey

Here’s an engaging set of gentlemen:  a grandfather and his two grandsons. Dressed up for a snappy event and ready to make their way thru the evening’s crowd of party goers.  The younger two have the optimism, energy and unfettered whimsy of youth.  The older one carries the wisdom, appreciation and peacefulness of years of great work helping thousands of patients, staying involved with immediate and extended family, and applying nuanced lessons from many journeys.  (Perhaps due to my outsized interest in Mafia stories like The Godfather and The Sopranos,… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 9

9. Yes, he is now 9. And, yes, he still tracks his birthday’s like NORAD monitoring an ICBM coming from Siberia. Certainly, things are evolving perceptibly – I did notice he’s not as vocal about the birthday, the excitement is not as unbridled. But unchanged is the underlying anticipation, & birthday related questions that casually arise 10 weeks prior to the event. “I wonder what Susieauntie will get me…” “That would be so cool to have a party when we visit Pappa and Momma in Atlanta, and Amma and Appa… Read More

Counting on Dad

I recall Father’s Day back in 2008 when Sidd’s classroom had an event for fathers to join.  I came 5 minutes late.  I was ambling down the hallway in the school and saw his face peaking around the edge of the doorway, hoping to see me.  Immediately, he came trotting out, whispered "come on Dad" in his soft spoken voice, grabbed my hand and led me into the room.  I realized (once again) how much these small moments count and reinforce our relationships, how I had in truth trivialized it… Read More

Chuttumbee #2 Turns 8

Sidd has now completed the 8th year of the journey he is on and the year was certainly an illuminating one.  With each year, I can see clear lines emerging that crystalize his social, physical and intellectual persona.  The diamond is steadily emerging from the rough.  An observation by one human of another, which in and of itself, is a priceless part of life. In a nutshell, he’s competitive, a numbers guy (particularly regarding money), selectively lazy, likes little kids, and gregarious, social spirit with a penchant for cracking jokes…. Read More