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The Curious Sea Lion Pup

(Day 7 afternoon. San Cristobal, GALAPAGOS!) Alas our last full day! And it’s the afternoon already on San Cristobal. 🙁 When people are less relevant, you really see how animals act. There’s nothing to fear from humans, so as example… Here’s a frame from a GoPro video just before a young, curious sea lion poked my video cam, physically that is, while I sat in a tide pool last week. Taking a Close Look at my GoProAbraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image) All the animals, be it iguanas,… Read More

What Was Today’s Gift?

(Day 4, Isabela, night time) Two young fish swam by an old fish. When the older one asked, “How’s the water?” one of the young ones asked his buddy, “What’s he talking about?” “Seeing the water” all around us takes effort. One action that helps is to take stalk of life on a regular basis. That is, one’s day, one’s projects, one’s relationships, etc. Travel requires reflection as much as any part of life. Last month’s journey is akin to last night’s dreams. Both reduce to nothing but memories. Breathtaking… Read More

Motoring with the Dolphins

(Day 3, in the evening. Isabela, Galapagos!) We were out on one of the Zodiac boats – -smallish inflatable craft with outboard motors – – looking at many marine birds off the cliffs of Isabela Island. Then, the ship radioed our boat’s seasoned Ecuadorian skipper, Washington, reporting that a pod of dolphins were moving gleefully further out in the ocean. Washington gunned the engine, hurtling our vessel out into the ocean and taking up chase… landing us in the middle of perhaps 40 magical creatures. A Magical, Whimsical Troupe, Cruising… Read More

Girl’s Fight!

(Day 3, Fernandina Island, mid-morning) February is right in the middle of the marine iguana breeding season. That requires a nest where the moms can lay their eggs. To my surprise, when it comes to creating nests, iguana seemed to fall into two camps – producers, and takers. Some of the expectant moms dig shallow nests in the soft sand on Fernandina Island. This is a slow process, as these creatures are by no means designed for excavating the loose sand. Creating a Nest for JuniorAbraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click… Read More

An Uneasy Existence

(Day 3, Fernandina Island, mid-morning) As we sauntered around the islands, all the local animals carried on like tourists. Life was nothing but relaxed and easygoing. Eat if you are hungry. Sleep if you are tired. Play if you are happy. Etc, etc., etc…The humans? They mean nothing to these routines. All the animals, that is, except for one – – the Galapagos Lava Lizard. In such a country club existence, you cannot help but notice what appears to be the life of a prey. Even to the untrained eye,… Read More

Mmmm, the Sun Makes Me So Sleepy…

(Day 3, Fernandina Island, Galapagos! ) Another stunning place to visit is Fernandina Island, a lava covered sanctuary for thousands of marine iguana. The iguanas are EVERYWHERE. You truly need to look down constantly as you walk, as it is very easy to step on one of these tranquil creatures – – again an example that the denizens of the Galapagos view humans as irrelevant, so no need to run away when two legged sapiens come around. Homer Simpson’s Hero, “I’ll Get Up… Later”Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger… Read More


(Day 3, Fernandina Islands, 6:15 am) Yesterday I woke up early and went out on the top deck of the boat. Two words came to mind: amazing; and serene. I stared in wonder at the scene all around me: islands, water, breezes and early morning sunshine. I then felt regret. “Abe, why are the boys not out here? What the hell, dude! Who needs sleep when you can have all this?” So today morning, I dragged them out of bed and up to the top deck. Yet again, it was… Read More

Perhaps More Sleep is Natural?

(Day 2, Seymour & Rabida Islands) Oh my gosh, one benefit of virtually no predators: when you are sleepy, you just sleep. Perhaps this was the world at one time?   Snoozing in the Mid-Afternoon By, and On, the RocksAbraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image) And in the Galapagos, I walked by countless animals happily snoozing most any time of day. …Or With a SiblingAbraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image) Is it only humans who compress and squish their sleep habits into nighttime hours, and banish… Read More

Becoming Part of the Village

(Day 1, Las Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz) While taking a short hike, we saw the distinctive tracks of a female adult turtle. Large scallops of sand, in a long sequential pattern. The naturalists were careful that we did not follow these tracks closely. A Mom’s Laborious Night Time Trek Abraham Pachikara, Copyright 2018 (Click for larger image) Celso pointed up the small rise, saying, “My friends, just over there is where I can assure you there are newly laid eggs. They are lying just under the sand. That is why… Read More

Starting with Safety and the Basics of Life on a Ship

(Day 1, Baltra Island) The crew was impressive in so many ways. The first and foremost – its attention to safety and sharing basic info. Gosh they had so much to impart on us and all of it was done in a congenial, paced manner. Perhaps the biggest datapoint was when Juan Carlos, the Expedition Leader, said with a twinkle in his eyes, “My friends, please know that we are one big family on the Endeavor, so we do not lock our rooms.” Come again? Learning About the Ship’s Traditions… Read More