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Deforestation: My 2nd Quarterly Check-In

Dear Folks, It’s been a while since I sent an update – my bad. Sometimes in life, winning bears great meaning. Examples include: as an ex-con seeing your probation officer, a clean record has great implications; as a substance abuser checking in with your counselor, “no needle marks” prove the battle is being won; or as an alcoholic at your AA meeting, a dry patch is a hard earned chapter of clarity. In my case, it’s as a cancer alum meeting with my oncology team. To not have a win… Read More

Deforestation: Epilogue, Perhaps?

Hi Folks! This is the last note (God willing) related to cancer that I will be sending. The regime of chemotherapy & radiation are complete, and the upshot: any malignant cells are “below detection.” Don’t be fooled – they are still around, probably numbering in the hundreds of millions, but within a being with ~40 trillion cells, it’s a scattered minority. Nonetheless, for myself, that’s good news on an intergalactic scale. Further, I am lucky enough to send out my own “final” note. Thank You’s The Dalai Lama once said,… Read More

Deforestation: “Life is Epic” Exercise

Last May, when I learned I had a malevolent disease, one frightening thought kept floating back into my head: “gosh, this thing may kill me.” But after a while, my fearful reaction surprised me. Of course, we all die. So what exactly made this news different? It was my assumption I would live long – to a 120 years specifically. One fact, one assumption and one aspiration had created more than an assumption, it had morphed into an unstated, firmly held belief. Fact: I was 40 when Paul was born…. Read More